Zillow scraper: export zillow data to excel

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Propertyscrape provides a Zillow web scraper(Zillow data scraper), that extracts the real-estate data from the Zillow website, all the data you will get in a structured format. It’s easy to get live and accurate real estate data with Propertyscrape.

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Zillow Real-Estate Listing Scraping

Use Zillow data on prices, ratings, requirements, product name and description, agents, and so on to analyse low-selling, good-selling, and new products.

Analyze data on similar competitor products to determine their pricing model and build your own, then organise sales and set promotions based on market demands.

Learn about the latest trends and consumer demand in order to create and update catalogues on online platforms.

To improve ratings, reputation, and marketability, create, update, and improve offer profiles.

Zillow Property Pages Detailed Information Scraping

Zillow extracts and analyses the keywords and phrases of competitors in order to better understand product demand and develop actionable SEO strategies.

Make your own list of keywords and phrases that are relevant to your marketing goals and will attract potential customers.

Prioritize keywords and phrases so that your SEO strategy only includes high ROI keywords and maximises rental yield.

Keep track of categories and brands. Zillow to better understand consumer needs, find in-demand products, and generate new marketing campaign ideas.

Zillow Real-Estate Agents Scraping

Get Zillow sales data and work with all properties to open a store or target a specific state, city, or neighbourhood.

To gain a competitive advantage and improve business performance, research real-estate agent listings and information about the agents themselves.

Analyze details such as property information, price, addresses, reviews, agent information, seller profiles, and more to find the most trustworthy and informative real-estate data to use in creating your own customer-focused listings.

To stay competitive and support business growth, base your marketing campaigns and sales strategies on agent data.