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Real-Estate Platforms Scraping Services

Getting deals on real-estate platforms is difficult if you lack the necessary sources and technical skills to do real-estate web scraping. Propertyscrape provides the Best Real-Estate Platforms Scraping Services for web scraping various property websites. Web Data Scraping is an important option for keeping track of open property website listings for both sellers and agents. Taking ownership of scraped data from real-estate websites can help you regulate the listed pricing on a website or prepare your business database. Propertyscrape provides expert data scraping services for Real-Estate platforms such as Zillow, Home Finder,, and others.

Properyscrape Web Scraping Services

Why should you extract data from real-estate platforms?

The larger real-estate listing companies typically work for all real-estate properties across the country. Though, if you’re a real-estate agent, setting up shop, or targeting a specific state or area, scraping the most property listing sites is a better option.
  • Property market research
  • Price optimization
  • Home buyer sentiment analysis
  • Targeted advertisement
  • Sentiment Analysis

List of Different Data Fields

We extract the following data fields from property platforms at Propertyscrape:

  • Agent Information
  • Property Data
  • Street Name
  • Address
  • City
  • State/Zip Code
  • Property Size
  • Images
  • Price Data
  • Reviews
  • Title
  • URL
  • Seller’s Profile
  • Plot Information

Properyscrape Web Scraping Services

Scrape Listings from Real-Estate Platforms

It is simple to collect real-estate listings from popular real-estate websites such as Zillow, Redfin, Trulia,, MLS, Coldwell Banker Realtors, RE/MAX, Craigslist, Home Finder, Facebook,,, Open Listing, Movato, and others using Scraping Intelligence real-estate website listing services. Property data, address, pricing, and other seller contact information are among the real-estate data listings that may prove to be the most valuable. Finding real-estate deals on websites is difficult if you lack the technical skills and resources required for web scraping.

Properyscrape Web Scraping Services

Various Real-Estate Platform Scraping Services


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Properyscrape Web Scraping Services

Example of a Real-Estate Scraping Project

We assisted one entrepreneur in developing a product based on scraping real-estate listings in the Spanish market. Our client, a new startup that developed a software product, assists investors in gaining insights into the market value of real-estate in various regions.

To extract all listings from,, and, we created a custom data scraping solution.

Our software compiled information, removed duplicate data points, and structured all listings.

On our client’s end, our solution was fully integrated. We performed maintenance for a set period of time before training our client’s in-house team to do it themselves.

Schedule a short free consultation with our data scraping expert if you want a professional consultation regarding scraping Zillow data or other listings, or your overall real-estate project.


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Our Real-Estate Website and Real-Estate Listing Scraping Services can also be used to extract data in a variety of formats, such as pictures, images, and graphics.

People who use data extraction from the apartment listing website can choose from a variety of data extraction tools. There is only one tool that allows users to quickly retrieve data from real-estate websites and save it to a central database location based on the client’s needs and usage.
The data extraction process using automated tools is very fast, simple, and reliable, producing user-friendly results that are used by upper management to make strategic decisions.

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